Why Does POTUS Make the Office of President a Laughing Stock?

Why Does POTUS Make the Office of President a Laughing Stock?

I received a letter from a friend and colleague who lives in Australia.  Back in the day, we were colleagues in the field of science education research and worked together on many projects.

We’ve kept up with each other over the years via email.  Last night I received the following email letter from him in which he asked why the president (the Authoritarian) is making a laughing-stock of the Office.

Here is his letter, followed by my response.

Hello Jack,

Trust all is well with you both and you are enjoying life.

I’m wondering (as are many Australians) whether we shouldn’t transfer our allegiance to China (the Chinese President would never behave like Trump does in Public!) as your President seems intent on damaging America’s good  name. Why does he make the Office of President a laughing-stock?  I wish I knew what is going on.

Anyway – we potter along in the deep countryside of South Australia so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Best wishes mate.


Hi Roger,

I don’t have a simple answer to the Trump debacle.
Right now chaos is the White House. Trump is acting like wounded (self & family inflicted) tiger. He’s made no public appearances since returning from the G-20.  He’s outraged at his staff.  He’s miffed that the Russian “thing” remains front and center of his presidency.
Why is he acting like this now. If he looks back at the G-20 he realizes (in private) that he’s been isolated and, he fell for Putin, hook, line and sinker. Even his own party is slowly disavowing themselves.
But the actions of his son may have been what breaks the camels back. It was just revealed that Donald Jr. received an invite to meet with a Russian government lawyer. She said she had information that could incriminate Hillary. Trump Jr. said that was good. He loved it. They met in Trump Tower, one floor under Trump’s office. Also attending was Jared Kitchener, Trumps son-in-law, and Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager at the time. Trump Jr. released emails admitting there was a meeting. He did so because the New York Times was set to release them.
If this meeting did happen it could be the smoking gun in the Russian investigation. A special prosecutor was appointed about 2 months ago to investigate possible connections or collusion between the Trump campaign staff and Russia. All along Trump & associates have denied ANY connection with Russia. But many have been caught cheating–even the attorney general lied in his senate hearing about Russian meetings. He had several meetings
So this meeting that Trump jr had with the Russian attorney is big.  It’s another concrete example of Trump’s associates (now family) have indeed been involved and met with Russians, and their meetings were directly tied to the campaign for the Presidency.  Trump Jr. has denied any involvement with Russia, and now, in July, it turns out that he not only met with a Russian official, but relished the idea because there was dirt on Hillary Clinton.
America is divided. Those who voted for Trump still support him although some are leaving his ranks. Those that didn’t, like us, are outraged. Families are divided.
It’s hard for me, Roger, to understand how people can see any good in this man. He’s a serial liar. A serial denier. He’s gotten away with this his entire life. Unfortunately for him, a democracy is not a business. He will eventually be contained, removed from office via the 25th amendment, impeached, or resign.
His administration is on course to do damage to the environment, energy infrastructure, education, transportation and mostly morality.
I liked what the Pope had to say about America and Russia. To the Pope it’s  dangerous for these two nations to collaborate on anything because they have a distorted view of the world. They (we) have no interest in the serous problems facing the world today– the poor, immigration, and migrant workers.
There is much more to this.
Best regards,
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