The Enigma of High-Stakes Testing in Science: A New eBook

The Art of Teaching Science has just published a new eBook entitled The Enigma of High-Stakes Testing in Science.

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The Enigma of High-Stakes Testing in Science is a new eBook published by the Art of Teaching Science Weblog, and made available free. This eBook is based on blog posts that were written over the past few months. The content of this eBook is based on the position that high-­stakes tests, which are used to make life-­changing decisions about students, teachers, and schools, should be banned from use as further research is carried out to design alternate systems that are humanistic and student-centered.

Research evidence is provided in 21 articles that are presented here, and organized into five parts. The intent is to provide information that others can use to raise questions about why we continue this practice of bringing such pressure to bear on the entire education system, and the collateral effects on science teaching.  As I show in the pages in eBook, there is little evidence that continuing to use high-­stakes testing will improve student achievement, or improve America’s economy.

The content is organized into the following parts:

Part 1. Is High-­Stakes Testing an Enigma?

Part 2. Are We Racing to Nowhere?

Part 3. Why Are We Centralizing Standards and Testing in America?

Part 4. What Are The Misconceptions About Achievement Testing?

Part 5. Who and What Was Responsible for the High-­Stakes Cheating Scandal in Atlanta?

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About Jack Hassard

Jack Hassard is a writer, a former high school teacher, and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University.