The Wisdom of Practice

Latest Article on the Artistry of Teaching Around 1990, I started working on a research project which was published as a book entitled Minds on Science (library copy). I was interested in exploring teaching from a humanistic and progressive point of view. One aspect of this project was to include “wisdom-of-practice” interviews with teachers that […]

Do Green Classrooms Lead to Artistic Teaching?

Second Article on The Artistry of Teaching In this article we are going to apply the ecological work of Arne Naess to show that classrooms are places where we can find something wonderful and amazing happening among teachers and students.  In doing research for this blog post I came across an article on Education Week by Cord […]

Is Teaching an Abacus or a Rose?

First article in a series on The Artistry of Teaching Preface Teaching is more immediate than reflective, and the artistry of teaching, much like creativity, comes to the prepared mind, sometimes serendipitously, more often as an invention or ingenious solution to an immediate problem. Many of you will agree that teachers are closer to being […]