My Letter to Georgia Senator David Purdue

Shame on you, Senator Perdue! Tonight, the News media reported that Mr. Perdue did not recall the President using the word “shithole.” This letter was sent Senator Purdue from Georgia because he was in the meeting yesterday with other Senators and heard Trump use racist and vulgar language to speak about nations in the Caribbean […]

The Mercilessness of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the most merciless President that the United States put in the White House.  Although he was given more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton, Trump lost the election by vote tally, meaning he is a loser.  This fact, that he receive 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, has angered him to no […]

Trump in England

Trump in England You’re probably wondering if Trump made a secret trip across the Channel while in Brussels.  He did not. However, he is on the mind of many British people, and certainly the mind of the British Prime Minister after Trump’s administration leaked information about the Manchester Bombing before information was released by the […]

TREXIT: Trump Needs to Exit the White House

TREXIT: Trump Needs to Exit the White House I’m on a VirginAtlantic flight to Manchester, UK visiting a country that we have traveled to over the past 32 years. It’s business and pleasure, but that’s  not what this post is about. Coming to England for more than three-decades, we’ve (my wife and I), met and […]