Alt-Left? I Don’t Think So!

Alt-Left? I Don’t Think So! If there is an Alt-Right, then there must be an Alt-Left, at least according to the Authoritarian who came down from his gold-plated apartment in New York, and said so.  He even challenged a reporter who covers the White House to define the term because he has no idea what […]

“You Can’t Trust People in Power,” James Comey

“You Can’t Trust People in Power,” James Comey James Comey’s abrupt firing as director of the FBI has led some legal experts to claim that Trump’s action represents an abuse of power by an elected government official. Even the president is not immune. People in power need to be kept in check as the founders imagined […]

Let the Sunshine In

The new Congress assembled today in DC, and the Republicans already showed their devious hand meeting in secret to dump the Office of Congressional Ethics.  But if you think about it, their meeting could be construed as unethical, and I don’t know how they can assemble as a very large group of elected officials without some […]