Putting Science Back into the Curriculum

The State of Alaska put a “bit of science” back into its state science curriculum standards. And what was that “bit”? Evolution! It turns out that the Anchorage School District made the proposal to change the life science standard to read: “…an understanding of how science explains changes in life forms over time, including genetics, heredity, the process of natural selection and biological evolution.” The State Board agreed. Apparently in the discussion that ensued over the proposed change, the subject of “sound science” was brought up. It was agreed that evolution was “sound science,” and should be a fundamental part of the science curriculum. The Superintendent of Education in the State of Georgia tried (about a year ago) to removed the word “evolution” from Georgia’s science standards, but was taken to task by the science teaching community of Georgia, as well as severall national science education groups. So the putting back and taking away of “bits” and “key words” is a process that teachers have to deal with from time to time. Interestingly, the theory of evolution is usually in the center of this tidal activity. We don’t often see ideas like gravity, or electricity being pulled.