My Letter to Georgia Senator David Purdue

Shame on you, Senator Perdue! Tonight, the News media reported that Mr. Perdue did not recall the President using the word “shithole.” This letter was sent Senator Purdue from Georgia because he was in the meeting yesterday with other Senators and heard Trump use racist and vulgar language to speak about nations in the Caribbean […]

How Could We?

How Could We? Like many of you I’ve spent the day after mourning for our country and the people who have been abused and threatened by the man who was elected over one of the bravest women that we could have had for our President. How could we? How could we elect the bully? How could […]

Rethinking Schools: Calling for a Paradigm Shift, Nearly 20 Years and Counting

Happy New Year! Yesterday I introduced readers of this Weblog to Bob Peterson, a teacher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who organized a team of educators to develop the website: Social Studies Resources.  Bob Peterson is a veteran teacher, who with a group of Milwaukee-area teachers envisioned education in their own classroom being improved, and through their […]