Charter School Bill Passed by Georgia Senate, A Big Mistake

Although HR 1162 successfully passed the State Senate, I stand firm on my decision to oppose it.  I was elected to serve the best interest of the greater good, and this bill clearly does not.  Georgia State Senator Doug Stoner, District 6. The Georgia Senate was able to persuade three democratic senators to support HR […]

Charter School Data Fuels Controversy in Georgia

The Charter school movement has been in  the news recently in Georgia.  The Georgia Legislature is trying to get around the present Charter School law which says that applications for establishing a charter school must be approved by the local school district. According to the Georgia Department of Education, there are 133 charter schools operating […]

Effects of the Corporate Reform Movement on Science Teaching

If Mayor Michael Bloomberg had his way, he told students at M.I.T. that he would fire half the teachers in New York City, pay them twice as much to teach classes double the current size.  One of the Corporate Reform Movement slogans is weed out ineffective teachers.  Bloomberg’s theory is if we fire half of […]