The Learning Pond: The “Eco” in Educational Ecosystems: Words Matter

Latest Story: Reblogged from Grant Lichtman’s Blog, The Learning Pond Grant Lichtman is Senior Fellow of The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, a growing national organization focused on transforming education through professional development for teachers and administrators.  For almost 15 years, Grant has been involved in education as a trustee, chief of finance and operations, […]

Grant Lichtman on Simple Metrics

If you haven’t read any of Grant Lichtman’s blog posts, you might want to check out his recent post in which he describes a metric that he suggests is more meaningful in the lives of our children than how well any of them did on a test this week. Sent from my iPad

The Ecology of Innovation in Teaching and Learning

In this post I want to show that innovation in teaching & learning is a form of deep ecology in which collaborative relationships among teachers and students opens the classroom to new ways of thinking. These actions and subsequent innovations can be local and global in nature.  For most of my career I majored in […]