Babel from The Right: Truth, Justice, & Which Way

There are millions of people who deny the scientific truth that the Earth is 4.55 Billion years old.   They insist that it no more than 10,000 years old.  In poll of U.S. adults, 40% did not accept the theory of evolution as a valid explanation for the creation of life on earth.  Instead they believe in creation myths, or intelligent design.  Many people claim that climate change is a hoax.  Others reject the link between HIV and AIDS.  … Read more

Is the Monster Storm, Sandy, Connected to Global Warming?

The Superstorm that is slowly moving toward the Middle Atlantic and Northeast states appears to be an anomaly by most weather standards.  Or is it?  Could this superstorm be related to Global Warming?  More specifically, could it be related to the the melting of the the arctic sea ice?

Climate change, according to some, has conveniently been left out of the 2012 Presidential election.  ScienceDebate dot org, and the AAAS tried to get the candidates to discuss climate change along with other top American science questions including how innovation impacts the economy, energy, basic research, education, water resources.… Read more

Why is Congress Silent on Science Debates’ High-Stakes Science-related Questions?

According to Shawn Otto, U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives have ignored a request from Science Debate to answer eight science policy questions.  The questions were selected from hundreds submitted by scientists, engineers, educators, and concerned citizens.  Science Debate would like to know what elected officials in Washington think about science related policy issues facing the U.S. in 2012.  The eight Congressional questions, which were selected from 14 questions submitted to the campaigns of President Obama, and Governor Romney,  focus on topics such as innovation, climate change, education, energy and science in public policy.… Read more

A Letter from 2053 about High-Stakes Testing: 5’s Walk on Thursday

Note: This is a letter written by a teen living in Atlanta in the year 2053.  It is published here for the first time.  Although a work of fiction, it is presented here as a reminder of the consequences of making decisions based on faulty reasoning and ignorance.

Dear Friends:

I learned that in America, in the year 2001, the Federal Government enacted the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law that required each state in the country to develop tests in mathematics and reading, but over time, the policy makers decided that science and history should also be tested. … Read more

Extreme Earth: A new science teaching eBook

The second in a series of science teaching eBooks was published today on the Art of Teaching Science Website.  Entitled Extreme Earth, this eBook explores questions such as:

Are the extremes of weather related phenomena such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought and fires, as well as major and great earthquakes in heavily populated areas the new norm, or are these events part of nature’s cycles?

Based on blog posts on climate change, global warming, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes, Extreme Earth highlights the importance of the geosciences in science teaching.… Read more

Intelligent Design: The Right Sound Bite

One of the candidates who recently announced her candidacy for President said in a speech that “intelligent design” should be taught in science because all sides of an issue in science should be taught.

Evolution or Intelligent Design at work?
Now that the race is on to see who will challenge our President for his job, one of the areas that distinguishes one side from the other is the nature of science. Typically the strategy is to initiate an assault on science by raising doubts about the research that supports a scientific theory.… Read more

Climate Change: How the New Congress Will Help the Earth Get Hotter

When the new Congress convenes in January, 2011, it will get hotter in the House & Senate with an influx of Representatives and Senators (all Republicans) who continue the conspiracy that global warming is a hoax, and that humans are not contributing to the warming of the Earth.  This group of elected officials (especially in the House) will try and block any attempts at government projects and laws aimed at regulating carbon emissions, and other factors that are causing the earth to get hotter.… Read more

Coming Storms: Not the Ones Related to Global Warming

Yesterday’s post, Got Science?, was initiated after I received an email from the Union of Concerned Scientist requesting that I take a pop quiz on global warming, and to request a sticker that says on it “Got Science?”

The recent elections will mean that there will be changes in the Chairmanships of all of the Committees in the House, and that the composition of the committees in the Senate will change, although Democrats will remain as chairs of the committees.  … Read more

Got Science? Take a global warming quiz to find out.

I received an email from the Union of Concerned Scientists today inviting me to get a free sticker “Got Science?” if I would take a pop quiz on global warming.  The quiz asks you to decide whether a series of statements are “False: Not Science” or “True: Got Science!”  After I took the quiz, and was informed that I indeed will receive a sticker, I received this in an email.

What do you know about global warming?

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Native Science and Global Climate Change

I wrote to a friend of mine who lives in Moscow, Russia to find out how he was doing with the extreme heat and fires that are creating the worst air pollution event in Moscow’s history.  He told me that he has been able to escape the heat by going to his daughter’s flat and workplace, each of which have air conditioning.  As he said, the combination of heat and smog is terrible.  Temperatures have been above 90 in Moscow for many days, and in combination with fires that have been difficult to control, the atmosphere in Russia’ capitol city is dangerous for all people.  … Read more