The Conundrum of Adolescence, and the Middle School Science Curriculum

Sixth Article in the Series on The Artistry of Teaching Does neoliberal education reform consider the nature of adolescence and the advances in our understanding of how humans learn?  Is it necessary for every American human adolescent to learn the same content, in the same order, and at the same time?  Why should every student […]

The Radical Idea of Helping Students Construct Their Own Ideas

Helping students construct their own ideas is considered by some educators a subversive idea that runs counter to the present impetus of the Race to the Top and NCLB Waivers. These Federal programs, especially NCLB, have created a narrowing of the curriculum, a data-driven, test-based school culture, and the despicable use of student tests as […]

Experiential Science Education: The Real Core of Teaching

Experiential education is not a new idea, and it certainly is not a new construct for science teachers, especially those teachers that involve their students in inquiry and problem-based learning.  However, experiential education has not at the top of the “to-do” list in the minds of many leaders and advocates for the No Child Left […]