Evolution as Design

The world is flat; astronauts did not go to the moon; and the Earth is 10,000 years old.

A recent poll reported that very few people in the US accept the theory of evolution as a valid explanation for the creation of life on Earth. According to the National Center for Science Education, in a 24-country poll, 41% of the respondents identified themselves as “evolutionists” and 28% as “creationists”, and 31% indicating they don’t know what to believe.… Read more

Creationism and Intelligent Design make Stealth Appearances in Louisiana and Tennessee Science Classrooms

Over the past four years, two states have passed laws that protect teachers if they present scientific information pertaining to the full range of scientific views regarding biological and chemical evolution in applicable curricula or in a course of learning.  Protecting teachers?  Have these legislators heard of VAM?  No protection of teachers here.

What is really going on?

Behind these two laws is the Discovery Institute, a non-science propagada organization whose chief purpose is to attack Darwinian evolution, and wedge intelligent design into the science curriculum.  … Read more

Intelligent Design: The Right Sound Bite

One of the candidates who recently announced her candidacy for President said in a speech that “intelligent design” should be taught in science because all sides of an issue in science should be taught.

Evolution or Intelligent Design at work?
Now that the race is on to see who will challenge our President for his job, one of the areas that distinguishes one side from the other is the nature of science. Typically the strategy is to initiate an assault on science by raising doubts about the research that supports a scientific theory.… Read more

Creation: A New Film About Charles Darwin

Earlier this week, I had a pingback  from Michael Barton’s very interesting website entitled The Dispersal of Darwin.  On his site I read about Michael’s recent trip to Cambridge, England, and on one of his posts from England he mentioned a new film that is coming out in September about Charles Darwin.

The new film is entitled Creation: The True Story of Charles Darwin.  The movie is based upon Randal Keyne’s (great-great grandson of Darwin) book, Annie’s Box: Charles Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution. … Read more

Further Thoughts on Evolutionary Teaching in Texas from Georgia!

I’ve returned to Georgia, and I wanted to look back over the most recent posts that focused on the actions of the Texas Board of Education on the teaching of theory (of evolution, expansion of the Universe, and all others) in science class.  A good review of the events in Texas are contained in an article that appeared in Newsweek Magazine entitled The Texas-Size Debate over Teaching Evolution by Christopher Hitchens.

If you recall, the Texas Board voted on the new science standards for the state, and in a last minute move, voted to make sure that whenever science teachers discuss theory, they must present both sides. … Read more

Strengths and Weaknesses of Evolution May Be Out of Texas Science Standards

The Texas Board of Education approved the science standards BUT teachers will be required to have students “scrutinize” all sides of the theories. Read more here for more details.

We are in the Round Top Texas area for two weeks participating in a very large collection of antiques shows held twice a year in the Spring and Fall. It is the largest gathering of antiques dealers in the USA. Not only is this the season for antiques in this part of Texas, it also the season for the blossoming of the Texas Bluebell which creates beautiful carpets of blue around the State.… Read more

If You Teach Evolution, You May Be Required to Teach It Critically!

Legislators in several states believe that laws need to be passed to ensure that students are engaged in critical thinking activities. However, the legislators have limited their own thinking, and have selected specific scientific theories that should be examined critically, one of course, is evolution. Around the country, this trend is on the move. Here are few examples:

  • June 17, 2008: The Louisiana Science Education Act is signed by Governor Jindal. The act promotes critical thinking skills and objective discussion of scientific theories, but mentions only evolution, the origins of life, global warming, and human cloning (which is not a theory).
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The 200th Anniversary of The Father of Evolution

This is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, who was born February 12, 1809, which is the same day that Abraham Lincoln was born.  Darwin, according to one of our grandsons, is the “father of evolution,” (see yesterday’s post).

Two recent publications devote considerable space to Charles Darwin and Evolution.  The January issue of Scientific American, is a special issue “on the most powerful idea in science.”  It includes 10 articles ranging from natural selection at the level of DNA to an article on creationism, intelligent design and the teaching of evolution in school (I’ll discuss this tomorrow).… Read more

The Father of Evolution

Today I received a voicemail from one of our grandsons (Evan) wondering if I might come and speak to his science class. After leaving a message saying I would be happy to do this, he called back and explained.

His middle school science teacher is working with the students in a study of evolution, and fossils.  When they were talking in class, especially about fossils, it reminded him of the crinoid stem fossils

A small collection of crinoid fossil collected in Paleozoic rocks in North Georgia. Crinoids became extinct at the end of the Paleozoic (Permo-Triassic extinction)
A small collection of crinoid fossil collected in Paleozoic rocks in North Georgia.
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