More than 90% of Students Learned in Spite of the CRCT Erasure Scandal?

Are you surprised? You probably know that Atlanta Schools are in the middle of a test cheating scandal in which student bubble answer sheets were changed by erasing wrong answers to right answers.  Did the students learn, in spite of some teachers’ and administrators’ behavior.  They did because the the teaching practices that were initiated, […]

Grassroots Movement in New York City May Relate to Current Testing Scandal in Atlanta

The Grassroots Education Movement, a group of citizens in New York City, are organizing a campaign against the high stakes use of standardized testing in their schools. Their first meeting will be on July 18th at the CUNY Graduate Center. According the organizers of the Grassroots Education Movement, many citizens feel that their school have […]

High Stakes Assessment in Georgia Fail the Test

In the last two posts, I’ve opened a discussion on the high-stakes testing in Georgia.  More than 80% of the students who took the social studies test failed, and about 40% of the students failed the math CRCT (Criterion Referenced Competency Test). The Georgia State Department of Education is at a loss to explain these […]

Testing in Georgia: Students Miss the Mark or Did the State Officials

In today’s Atlanta Journal there was an article that reported that Georgia Department of Education officials were shocked by the state math and social studies tests. You see on the end-of-year CRCT only 20 to 30 percent of the students passed the social studies test, and about 40 percent of the Georgia’s could be held […]