EPA: From Obama’s Protection to Trump’s Destruction to the Emergence of Resistance

EPA: From Obama’s Protection to Trump’s Destruction to the Emergence of Resistance  Using the Wayback Machine, we can keep watch on some aspects of the Environmental Protection Agency website now that Trump and his EPA pick for Secretary of the EPA, Scott Pruitt are in charge. Trump wants to cut the EPA, and Pruitt, with ties to […]

Climate Change: Are We In Trouble?

This is a reblog from the Moyers & Company website. It’s an article written by John Light that I’ve reblogged here as a follow up the May 7th post entitled Extreme Earth: Coming to an Environment Near You. The National Climate Assessment Says We’re in Trouble. This Chart Shows Why. (via Moyers & Company) This […]

A Heads Up: Smoking is to Cancer as Greenhouse Gas Emissions are to Climate Risks

On March 5, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead signed the state’s budget into law.  The bill has a footnote that prohibits the Department of Education from spending any funds to check or revise the state’s science standards. The reason this footnote was added to the Wyoming budget is because it satisfied some members of the legislature […]

Part II: Will the Debate over Evolution End Soon?

We introduced this topic yesterday and referred to an Associated Press story, in which Richard Leakey suggests that the debate over evolution will end sometime over the next 15 to 30 years.  Leakey’s thesis was: If you get to the stage where you can persuade people on the evidence, that it’s solid, that we are all African, […]

Part I. Will the Debate over Evolution End Soon?

  Richard Leakey says that looking at the past the way paleontologists and anthropologist do can teach us much about the future.  He points out that extinction is one of the most common types of phenomena observed in nature, and that extinctions are related to environmental change.  He suggests that environmental change is controlled by […]