Welcome to A New Web Design for the Art of Teaching Science

Thank you for visiting my blog.  After teaching for forty years, I’ve spent the last ten writing the blog (and a host of other things), The Art of Teaching Science.  For at least five years, I’ve used web themes created by StudioPress (Copyblogger Media) for WordPress, one the most popular programs for designing weblogs and websites.

After reading articles on the Copyblogger blog, I decided to take the advice of Brian Gardner and Jerod Morris to use their newest WordPress theme, Parallax Pro.… Read more

4 Aspects of the Artistry of Science Teaching

In our view, teaching is professional artistry.  As such, not only is your work as a science teacher an artistic one, but the way teachers are educated should also embrace professional artistry.

Many years ago, I was working on a book with Joe Abruscato entitled The Whole Cosmos Catalog of Science Activities, and during this period it became clear that teaching science was far from the logical portrayal as seen in the textbooks that we use with students.… Read more

Redesign of Art of Teaching Website

For more than 15 years, I’ve used websites to augment my teaching, research, and seminars.  The first website that I was a part of was for the Global Thinking Project, a hand across the globe environmental science program that linked schools enabling them to communicate with each other.  From there we designed websites for courses at Georgia State University in science education.  At the same time, I designed a series of sites that supported four different seminars that I conducted for the Bureau of Education and Research.… Read more

The Art of Science Learning

I wanted to call your attention to a new initiative, The Art of Science Learning, through a grant from the National Science Foundation to the Steifer Associates. The grant will explore the impact the arts can have on science (STEM) literacy and creativity in the workforce through a social network for teachers, 3 conferences in Spring 2011 (in DC, Chicago & San Diego) and a research report.

Knowledge of this initiative was received from David Green via an email on the NARST email list just today.… Read more

Images from the Art of Science Teaching Weblog

The Art of Science Teaching Weblog is a place to discuss issues related to science teaching.  In today’s post, you will find a link to a Youtube movie comprised of many of the images and pictures that I’ve used in previous posts.

I hope you enjoy the images, and the music.… Read more