Environment Important to the People, but not at the Presidential Debates

Charles Blow had a very interesting op-ed column in the New York Times today entitled “all atmospherics, no climate.” The op-ed focused on the graph shown below, generated from survey data by the Pew Research Center, which describes the percentage of Americans who think the issues of protecting the environment, and dealing with the energy […]

Goldilocks Climates: Do You Live in One?

In today’s NYTimes, Andrew C. Revkin, the outstanding science reporter and writer, published an article entitled Wealth and Poverty, Drought and Flood: Reports from 4 Fronts in the War on Warming. In it he compares and contrasts four locations: Blantre, Malawi and Perth, Australia, each prone to drought, one in big trouble, the other moving […]

Uncertainty and Global Warming: Using the Nature of Science to Deny and Cast Doubt on a Robust Scientific Theory

In their NYTimes article, Material Shows Weakening Of Climate Change Reports, Andrew C. Revkin and Matthew L. Wald reported on recently released House committee (Oversight and Government Reform) documents that indicated that a White House official edited goverment climate reports to play up uncertainty of the human role in global warming. The key word here […]

International Polar Year 2007 – 2009

The International Polar Year (actually it’s two years) is a large scale research effort that will focus on the artic and antarctic beginning in March 2007 and running through March 2009 (two annual cycles of research). The research will focus on seven areas: Atmosphere, Ice, Land, Oceans, People, and Space, as well as Education and […]

Teaching About Climate Change

There was an article today in the New York Times New Warnings on Climate Change by Andrew Revkin. Revkin is a science reporter for the NY Times, and author of book on climate change entitled The North Pole Was Here: Puzzles and Perils at the Top of the World. The book is for 6th graders […]