Seventy-Five Years and Beyond: It Was All About Cooperation

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Right now I am at Fen Farm in the UK for a two week expedition with my wife searching for antiquities for our antiques business.  It’s been  an exciting and exhilarating experience over the past 15 years.

Tomorrow is the start my seventy-fifth year revolving around the sun on this 4.5 billion year old earth.

As strange as it may sound, I’ve wondered whether we and our fellow travelers on planet earth realize how cooperation has played a greater role in natural selection than competition.

Is this surprising?

Nearly everything I’ve done in my life has resulted from cooperative ventures with other people.  Very little was the result of competition  with other people.  Yes, I was engaged in all kinds of sports, playing and as well as coaching.  But the structure of these activities including teaching was a part of something bigger than me.  It was being part of a group or team or a class within a school where mentoring, tutoring and welfare of our brothers and sisters was the mark that made us alive and whole.

I’ull explore the intrinsic and natural laws rooted in cooperation that will be applied to the current mire caused by the neo-reformers who are driving education and learning into a monstrous game of winners and losers who are predetermined by the reformsters by gaming the competitive Olympics-type testing on multible-choice tests each spring.

I will write several article showing how the present model of teaching to the test is unnatural and unsustainable.

Today I’ll spend the day on an English community’s showgrounds shopping for antiques with thousands of others from around the world.  What could better than that?

To those of you who read this blog, I want give you a special thank you and kind regards.


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Jack Hassard is a writer, a former high school teacher, and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University