Science as Inquiry

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Comes the Second Edition of Jack Hassard’s book, Science as Inquiry, which brings you classroom tested and practical teaching strategies that will help you with:

  • The Tools of Inquiry Teaching
  • Project-Based Teaching
  • Web-Assisted Strategies
  • Active Assessment Tools

Their eyes light up, they ask good questions, they can explain the concept to other students, and they relate what they learn in class to what happens in the world.

This is how students respond to the project-based, cooperative-inquiry Earth, life, environmental, and physical science lessons this book fully describes.

Science Teaching that Works in the Classroom

For many years I presented seminars for Grade 5 – 12 science teachers, emphasizing hands-on approaches to teaching science for the Bureau of Education and Research. At these seminars I used cooperative learning strategies to engage small teams of teachers to investigate science inquiry activities, internet-based strategies, project-based science activities, and active assessment tools. I developed four different seminars, and at the seminar, each teacher received a printed several hundred page handbook. I have integrated the best of those handbooks into this book, Science as Inquiry.

Some Benefits from Science as Inquiry

  • 280 pages of science lessons and activities with reproducible handouts to present puzzling scientific phenomenon for your students, all of which have been used in classrooms Grades 4 – 12
  • Access to a website designed by the author just for the Second Edition that has additional activities and access to websites for users of Science as Inquiry
  • Thirty-one inquiry-based science activities in Earth, environmental, life, and physical science
  • Access to the Websites of three powerful Internet-based science projects, including Project Green Classroom, Project Ozone, and Project River Watch
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow science teachers, to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience, find potential partners, and get personalized advice from me. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I are here to get you rolling again.

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One teacher said this about the book:

With most discussions, the author also gives “spring board” suggestions for physical, life, earth, and environmental science. These are great because they “get your wheels turning.”

A middle grades science teacher said this:

If you’re like me, you often feel left in “middle” field as a middle school science teacher because it can be difficult to find excellent resources. This is a wonderful resource because all aspects of a hands-on science curriculum that meet state writing and technology standards are addressed.

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The Science as Inquiry Text or e-Book together with the Science-as-Inquiry Website will provide you with the tools to motivate and excite your students about your science course.