Poverty and Schooling

Its Effect on Student Learning & Wellness

Poverty is one of the most serious social problems facing families, especially children.   In Georgia, it’s a severe problem, but it tends only to be mentioned as an aside when test results are reported each year.

In this inquiry, I have included many articles from the Art of Teaching Science that discuss the problem of poverty in American public schools.

There are bloggers and researchers who understand the nature of poverty and its effects, and why journalists, bureaucrats, politicians, corporate executives, and the billionaire boys club reformers either gloss over or simply avoid the problem.  In fact, we have entered a period of “no excuses education,” which is held up as the option of “choice,” especially for families living in poor communities.

Dr. Paul Thomas, professor of education at Furman University, is one of the foremost scholars and education activists who has written and spoken extensively about the effect of poverty on children’s lives, and role that the corporate takeover of schooling  has on education.

He made these remarks recently in an article on his blog:

As long as our mainstream media refuse to examine the evidence and take sides with that evidence, as long as that media remain one of the “master’s tools,” as long as the media work “to keep the oppressed occupied with the master’s concerns,” we are lost as a democracy, as a community of ethical people in the service of each other.Charter schools replacing public schools, TFA supplanting career educators—these are not “miracles,” these are “the master’s concerns” imposed on marginalized people in the name of those people.Why do we tolerate and champion the mass firing of black professional?Why do we tolerate and champion experimenting with the lives and education of “other people’s children,” who are mostly black, brown, and poor?Why do we tolerate and champion demanding that “other people’s children” chant and stay always inside the lines?And then, why do mainstream journalists refuse to ask these questions? In whose service is the press?Why do these questions ring hollow in the only echo chamber we are allowed, the one built by disaster capitalism?.

What is the effect of poverty on student learning and wellness?

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