In Math and Science, Have American students Fallen Behind?

Is science and mathematics teaching inferior to science teaching in Singapore, South Korea, and Finland?  Have American students fallen behind in math and science?

In the 2008 and 2012,  Science Debate asked presidential candidates (as well as congressional candidates) why have American students fallen behind in science and mathematics and what role should the federal government play to better prepare students for the science and technology global economy?

Following are some “talking points” that Obama and Romney, and congressional candidates might consider as they talk about mathematics and science education.… Read more

Why Science is a Non-Issue in the Election?

David Gergen, Michael Lubell and Shawn Otto had a very important conversation with Ira Flatow on this week’s Science Friday about why the science debate project is critical to the country.  The discussion focused on science in the presidential debates, and looked at why asking the candidates about science is so low on the list of priorities.

David Gergen wonders why science is put in the back seat, especially at the White House.  As Gergen points out, we have leading scientist in the White House , Dr.Read more

Sciencepolitica: Science Debate Seeks to Find Out What Politicians Know About Science

Update:  Shawn Otto of Science Debate will be featured on NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Science Friday at 2 ET.  Discussion on science in the elections.

In 2007, a small group of American citizens, lead by Shawn Otto, created Science Debate 2008, an organization that called on the 2008 presidential candidates to hold a debate on science and its political implications for society.  A presidential debate on science was never held.  Here, according to Science Debate 2008, is the story:

The candidates refused. 

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Peter Smagorinsky–>Great Georgia Teachers: Beyond Test Scores

Guest Post by Peter Smagorinsky

Peter Smagorinsky is a former high school teacher turned University of Georgia professor.  His columns on education issues have been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) and the Washington Post.  This article appeared on the EmpowerED Georgia newsletter, and was originally published on the AJC.

Teachers sure are taking a beating these days. Not all teachers, however. If you’re in a private school or charter school, you must be pretty danged good.… Read more

Georgia Department of Education Says Evaluation Plan Won’t Work But Will Implement it Anyway?

The Georgia Department of Education claims that the evaluation system they developed along Federal guidelines needs to be modified. . They  think one part will not work because it will put the state at risk from lawsuits by teachers.

When I first saw the headline in the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, I thought that maybe the state officials got the message written by more than 30 professors.  The message, in the form of a letter sent to Georgia officials including the governor and state school superintendent, challenges the teacher and leader evaluation system, identifies the unintended negative consequences, and recommends the state opt out of this invalidated and unreliable system.… Read more

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