Georgia’s Movement Toward the Corporatization of Higher Education

Laura Diamond reported December 13th in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper that a new formula will be used to fund colleges and universities in Georgia staring in 2015.  The new formula, approved the Higher Education Funding Commission, will be the first step toward the corporatization of higher education in Georgia.  Scan the “wordle” that I created […]

The Battle for Control of Higher Education in Florida

Florida Republican lawmakers, including the Governor, are setting their sights on extending the corporate-driven mode of education that now dominates K-12 education, to higher education.  Indeed, with their strong business backgrounds they want to exert their expertise by having universities offer a $10,000 Bachelor’s degree and decide which degrees are of most worth.   I […]

Is it Simply a Question of Time?

In the last post, I reported that schools in five states plan to increase the school year in 40 schools by as much as 300 hours.  Although there is some evidence to show that learning is connected in some ways to time, the truth is that the concept of time is a rather complicated concept. […]

Students to Spend More Time in School: Is this a Sentence?

The Associated Press reported that five states will add at least 300 hours of time to the school year in program that will involve about 40 schools.  Is a longer day in school a good thing?  Will it be more of the same, that is teaching to the test, or will we see students set […]

How do You Defeat an Army of Determined Educators? You Don’t?

Guest Post by Anthony Cody This post was originally published on Anthony’s blog Living in Dialog.  Follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyCod. The election of 2012 was a tough one for some who consider themselves “reformers” of education. Michael Petrilli, of the Hoover and Fordham Institutes wrote yesterday, in an op-ed that appeared in the Charlotte Observer, that “Teachers unions remain […]