EPA: From Obama’s Protection to Trump’s Destruction to the Emergence of Resistance

EPA: From Obama’s Protection to Trump’s Destruction to the Emergence of Resistance 

Using the Wayback Machine, we can keep watch on some aspects of the Environmental Protection Agency website now that Trump and his EPA pick for Secretary of the EPA, Scott Pruitt are in charge. Trump wants to cut the EPA, and Pruitt, with ties to the coal, oil and gas industry, and champion litigator against the EPA while he was Attorney General for Oklahoma, is no friend of Earth’s environment, other than helping those who take from the Earth what ever they want.

On January 24, one of the first things the Trump administration did was to demand that the EPA take down all of its Climate Change pages. Then they were told to hold off, then told to remove them, and then to put them back.  As of this writing the Climate Change page is still on the website.  But the fact that the White House actually ordered the page to be taken down set in motion a lot of resistance.
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Soft Power & Track II Diplomacy Banned with Citizens in 7 Muslim Nations

Soft Power & Track II Diplomacy Banned with Citizens in 7 Muslim Nations

Peaceful relations between nations require understanding and mutual respect between individuals. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1956

Soft power and Track II diplomacy began in 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower created People-to-People, which was to build a massive program of communications between Americans and citizens of other lands, distinct from government contacts.  Government contact diplomacy is Track I Diplomacy, whereas people-to-people is Track II Diplomacy.  It’s obvious that President Eisenhower would be opposed to the Trump administration’s ban on citizens from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, & Libya entering the U.S.

In a Chronicle of Higher Education article, Keith David Watenpaugh wrote “Why Trump’s Executive Order Is Wrongheaded and Reckless.'” Professor Watenpaugh is a historian of the Middle East and professor of human-rights studies at the University of California, Davis.  In the article he said:

The closing of America to the world, begun by this order, is, among other things, an abandonment of the enormous capacity of American soft power embodied in exchange programs, study abroad, and efforts to rescue scholars and students — all of which promote human rights, collective security, and global commerce.

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Letter to a Friend in Australia about the Serial Liar

Roger is a long time friend of mine.  We were colleagues at distant universities from 1992 on, and have remained in touch via email.  Roger was a prolific writer in the field of science education, and wrote a ground breaking book, Fallout! about an Australian scientist who spoke out against the British testing of nuclear weapons in Australia.  It was made into a film Silent Storm.

Last night I wrote in response to an email I received from him.  He had sent a photo showing him testing out a boat he had designed, with a llama looking on, and he also mentioned Trump in his note.

Here is my letter to him.

“Looks like a fun outing. How is the boat powered? Was this what you built for your son? It looks like the llama was your lookout (I assume it’s a llama). Many many years ago one of my PhD students & his wife raised llamas on a farm not far from here.

Last night President Obama gave his last speech in front of  a packed audience in his adopted city of Chicago. It was a wonderful speech as his usually are. Our country never deserved him. There will be no one close to him and his family. I consider him one of the best, if not greatest President in my lifetime, perhaps in our history.

And now we have Trump who I call The Authoritarian on my blog. He’s the worst we’ve ever had. But I’m concerned about his penchant for revenge, and his disdain for the press. He lies when he speaks.

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Let the Sunshine In

The new Congress assembled today in DC, and the Republicans already showed their devious hand meeting in secret to dump the Office of Congressional Ethics.  But if you think about it, their meeting could be construed as unethical, and I don’t know how they can assemble as a very large group of elected officials without some form of sunshine.  The don’t want to cast light on their shenanigans. They don’t want to “let the  sunshine in.”

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On Moral Politics

Originally posted on George Lakoff:  This is an important book by Dr. Lakoff. I highly recommend it. You will many articles in my blog that reference George Lakoff’s work, and in the age of The Authoritarian, it critical to share Lakoff’s views with many.

George Lakoff writes:

Two decades ago, in 1996, I published a book explaining how the various views of conservatives hung together. For example: What being against abortion has to do with owning guns, being against environmental regulation, being for the flat tax, etc. I did the corresponding analysis of liberal positions, showing that both have to do with opposite moral theories arising from opposite models of family life.

The third edition of “Moral Politics” has now been published by the University of Chicago Press, and the 2016 election has resulted in brisk sales. The reason is that it explains the logic behind all of Trump’s policies — and his cabinet appointments.

If you want to see the plan behind what Trump is doing, why people with certain moral values voted for him despite the lies, and how his views differ from yours, go to Amazon, Powell’s, or Diesel, and order Moral Politics, Third…

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