The Dangerous Path for Georgia Schools Created by the Purdue, Deal and Hames Troika

Latest Story The Dangerous Path for Georgia Schools Created by the Purdue, Deal and Hames Troika Sonny Purdue: Former Governor of Georgia when Georgia was awarded $400 Million Race to the Top Grant Nathan Deal: Governor of Georgia who inherited the $400 million RTT funds, and instigator of the Georgia Opportunity School District Erin Hames: […]

Atlanta Take Note: There is New Science Educator Intown!

Latest Story Ed Johnson sent an email out a few days ago in which he described the kinds of experiences that students at a local elementary school might experience if the school took advantage of its place right next to an Atlanta system of Trails and Greenways that ultimately create miles of paved trails through forests […]

The A Bomb

The first day I went to school was September 5, 1945.  On that day, I walked about a mile to the East Natick Elementary School in Massachusetts.  Three days earlier, on September 2, Japan surrendered and World II came to an end.  But on July 16, the first atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico, and […]

Jeb! 2016 & the Web of Influence Peddling

Latest Story Yesterday, Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for President under the logo Jeb!2016.  Then today, Donald Trump, from a basement in one of his buildings in NYC, announced that he is running for President! Is his logo The Donald!2016?  Can it get any worse? But Trump aside, I want to focus on the idea of influence peddling by […]

Jeb! Is Running: From What?

Latest Story Jeb! Is Running: From What? On this blog I wrote several articles about influence peddling and the role played by wealthy philanthropists such as Bill Gates, “former” politicians such as Jeb Bush, and reformists organization such as Achieve, The Fordham Foundation, and Teach for America. Jeb!, the 11th Republican to announce a candidacy […]