Jeb! Is Running: From What?

Latest Story Jeb! Is Running: From What? On this blog I wrote several articles about influence peddling and the role played by wealthy philanthropists such as Bill Gates, “former” politicians such as Jeb Bush, and reformists organization such as Achieve, The Fordham Foundation, and Teach for America. Jeb!, the 11th Republican to announce a candidacy […]

Is Georgia’s Opportunity School District Plan Immoral?

Latest Story Is Georgia’s Opportunity School District Immoral? From The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of the North Carolina NAACP, came a letter from The Nation that I think is crucial as we act on recent actions by the Georgia Legislature and Governor. The Governor of Georgia, with the backing of both Democrats and […]

Michelle Rhee’s legacy

Latest Story: Reblogged from Mathbabe Michelle Rhee’s legacy Dr. O’Neil provides important comparisons between the Atlanta cheating scandal and the cheating scandal in Washington, D.C. under Michelle Rhee. The difference was the scandal in D.C. was buried. Originally posted on mathbabe: Lately, as background research for my book, I’ve been looking into the 2008 cheating […]

Seventy-Five Years and Beyond: It Was All About Cooperation

Latest Story Right now I am at Fen Farm in the UK for a two week expedition with my wife searching for antiquities for our antiques business.  It’s been  an exciting and exhilarating experience over the past 15 years. Tomorrow is the start my seventy-fifth year revolving around the sun on this 4.5 billion year […]

Questioning Tennessee’s “Opportunity School District”: A Heads up for Georgia’s Take Over Plan?

Latest Story Anthony Cody, over at Living in Dialog, posted an article written by John Thompson, who blogs at This Week in Education.  Thompson’s article is entitled “Can the Tennessee Achievement School District Move Beyond the Silver Bullets?” His article is an analysis of two interviews with Chris Barbic, Superintendent of the Tennessee Achievement School […]