Vote No On the Misfortunate School District on November 8, 2016

Misfortunate School District The Governor and a few elected Georgia legislators–Democrats & Republicans alike, approved a bill that will be voted on in the November 8, 2016 election. If passed, the state constitution will be will enable the Governor to create his own school district. It will be called the Opportunity School District (OSD). It […]

Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers In his Op-Ed in the Nation, Henry A. Giroux links Donald Trump to the plague of atomization in a neoliberal age.  What was important to me, among other things in his Op-Ed was his reference to a 1946 essay by Leo Lowenthal, entitled “Terrors Atomization of Man, which was also reprinted in Lowenthal’s […]

I’m For Her

In the November, there is the national election, and one ballot measure that will encourage me to share my thoughts and encourage people to join me in electing the next President, and making sure that the Georgia Governor’s Opportunity School District amendment is defeated. There is a link between the election of our next president and the campaign […]

Open Your Eyes, Georgians—The Misfortunate School District is on the Way

Open Your Eyes, Georgians As I was thinking about the calamity facing education in Georgia, Governor Neal’s Opportunity School District, I thought of the phrase “open your eyes.”  I had actually thought of the phrase, “now is the time,” but it was replaced with “open your eyes.” In 2006, the fantastic Northern Ireland band, Snow […]

Georgia’s Misfortunate School District

Georgia’s Misfortunate School District I’ve been away pursuing other projects, but now is the time for all of us to open our eyes about a plan to turn struggling schools into a pet project of the Georgia Governor. In November when we vote to pick a new president (topic for a future post), citizens in […]