Jeb! Is Running: From What?

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Jeb! Is Running: From What?

On this blog I wrote several articles about influence peddling and the role played by wealthy philanthropists such as Bill Gates, “former” politicians such as Jeb Bush, and reformists organization such as Achieve, The Fordham Foundation, and Teach for America.

Jeb!, the 11th Republican to announce a candidacy for President brought up somber deep inner reminders about education reformsters and how Jeb! is a poster child for politicians who have dipped their toes into schooling, and with that experiential knowledge, claim to know what is best for education.

Jeb! created an organization, The Foundation for Excellence in Education, and through it and the organization’s large sums of money and power, has used his influence as governor of Florida to peddle his Foundation’s ideas around the country.

One of his ideas is how online learning and related technologies can revitalize and improve education.  To make this happen, Jeb!’s organization takes aim at state departments of education by peddling its ideas by trying to influence key state education officials.

In the next few posts I am going to republish several articles about this, and use Jeb!’s education organization as a case study about how groups like his are working to undermine the work of American teachers.


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Jack Hassard is a writer, a former high school teacher, and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University