Science as Inquiry

Science as Inquiry is based on the idea that learning is deepened if viewed as a communal experience, and that students are involved in making decisions about not only how they learn, but what they learn.   from Science as Inquiry, 2011.

Science as Inquiry is a way of teaching science developed by integrating humanistic science theory with practical tools of inquiry which science teachers have used in their classrooms to promote science learning and understanding.  The website shown here is the Science As Inquiry homepage, and is based on my newest book, Science as Inquiry.

At the Science As Inquiry website you will find tools of inquiry, Web 2.0 activities, Internet projects, assessment tools, science activities, and research and publications on science inquiry.

You are invited to visit the Science As Inquiry website, and make use of the activities and projects there.  You will also find a link to Good Year Books, where you can purchase a copy of Science as Inquiry, 2nd Edition (July, 2011) by Jack Hassard.

Science As Inquiry, 2nd Edition, available in digital or book format

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