Evolution is a Theory, Not a Fact?…Dover, PA

Even People Magazine is reporting on the controversy taking place in the Dover, PA school district where 11 Dover parents have sued the district to have the reading of this statement stopped: “Darwin’s theory of evolution is a theory….not a fact…keep an open mind.” I came across Alonzo Fyfe’s blog entry on science vs religion, and found it interesting inlight of the Dover, PA case. Intelligent design vs evolution is on trial; after reading Fyfe’s piece, one sees that there is not a clear distinction about the effect of science on religion or religion on science. In an earlier piece on this blog, I wrote about “The Law of Evolution, which is James Watson’s take on the issue of evolution. In the small town of Dover, PA, the controversy is splitting the town apart, and people who were once cordial with each other, turn is name calling and out-right avoidance. If you want to read more on evolution and the controversy cited here, go to The Panda’s Thumb. And the case and the issue is even being debated in Australia!

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Jack Hassard is a writer, a former high school teacher, and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University