Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers In his Op-Ed in the Nation, Henry A. Giroux links Donald Trump to the plague of atomization in a neoliberal age.  What was important to me, among other things in his Op-Ed was his reference to a 1946 essay by Leo Lowenthal, entitled “Terrors Atomization of Man, which was also reprinted in Lowenthal’s […]

Beware of Senate Resolution 287: The Opportunity to Take Over Public Schools

Latest Story Today, the Georgia Senate voted and passed (38 – 15) Governor Deal’s “chronically failing” school bill which would turn these schools into charters under the appointment of a “state” superintendent.  Senate Resolution 287 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Georgia that will allow the General Assembly to authorize the establishment of an Opportunity […]

Stop the Louisiana Style Take Over of Georgia’s Struggling School Communities

Ted Terry, State Campaign Director, Georgia AFL-CIO and I have been communicating about the plan being proposed by Governor Deal to take over Georgia’s “failing” schools by implementing a Louisiana style state-wide recovery school district.  Ted Terry is organizing a campaign that we all should support to fight against this take over by the state […]