My Letter to Georgia Senator David Purdue

Shame on you, Senator Perdue! Tonight, the News media reported that Mr. Perdue did not recall the President using the word “shithole.” This letter was sent Senator Purdue from Georgia because he was in the meeting yesterday with other Senators and heard Trump use racist and vulgar language to speak about nations in the Caribbean […]

The Mercilessness of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the most merciless President that the United States put in the White House.  Although he was given more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton, Trump lost the election by vote tally, meaning he is a loser.  This fact, that he receive 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, has angered him to no […]

Alt-Left? I Don’t Think So!

Alt-Left? I Don’t Think So! If there is an Alt-Right, then there must be an Alt-Left, at least according to the Authoritarian who came down from his gold-plated apartment in New York, and said so.  He even challenged a reporter who covers the White House to define the term because he has no idea what […]

Trump’s Moral World-View

Strict Father Morality (SFM) (based on the research of Dr. George Lakoff, UC Berkley): Results in Moral Strength which requires one to stand up to evil, and have self-discipline to engage evil; MS sees the world in terms of a war of good against the forces of evil & must be fought ruthlessly.  In the SFM, […]

“You Can’t Trust People in Power,” James Comey

“You Can’t Trust People in Power,” James Comey James Comey’s abrupt firing as director of the FBI has led some legal experts to claim that Trump’s action represents an abuse of power by an elected government official. Even the president is not immune. People in power need to be kept in check as the founders imagined […]

Trump 153* or How to Block the Narcissist and his Sycophants from Inflicting More Damage on the World

The second, and perhaps most important action to confront and block Trump’s world was the Woman’s March, on January 21, 2017.

From Order to Chaos: The Attack on the EPA

From Order to Chaos: The Attack on the EPA The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established in 1970 under Richard Nixon’s administration.  Now in 2017, it is likely that at least 25% of the agency will be dismantled by the Authoritarian’s administration. This is a crime against the well-being of all living things and their […]

A Clear and Present Danger—How the New Administration Endangers Us All

A Clear and Present Danger–How the New Administration Endangers Us All There is little doubt that the incoming Republican administration presents a Clear and Present Danger to all citizens in the U.S., and the rest of the world. Never has such an inexperienced, corrupt and autocratic administration been given the reigns to the American democracy. […]