Rest and Sleep for NASA: Participate in the Bed Rest Study

I read an interesting article in the New York Times online today entitled NASA Seeks Volunteers to Spend 3 Weeks in Bed (It’s Tougher Than You Think). Apparently, according one of the NASA scientists (Dr. Liz Warren)working on the project, its been difficult to find volunteers. The article intriqued me, so I went to NASA’s […]

Katrina Re-Visited

Last Fall, I wrote a Katrina online activity entitled, Hurricane Katrina: A Citizen Resource. This citizen resource is designed to help us understand the magnitude of this natural disaster, and to point us toward ways to reduce the destruction and loss of life caused by natural disasters. Nearly 3,000 visitors have made use of the […]

How Are Quakes Related?

I came across an interesting article No, One Quake Did Not Lead to Another, in New York Times Online. The article pointed out that following Hawaii’s 6.7 quake on October 15, two other big quakes occurred, a 6.8 near Papua New Guinea, and a 6.4 off the coast of Peru. People wondered, Are these quakes […]

The Hawaii Quake, or Is It Quakes?

In the wake of the mid-October Hawaii quake, scientists are not sure whether the >6 aftershock was an aftershock, or an independent earthquake. The first quake, which was measured at 6.7 on the Richter scale occurred at 7:07 A.M. at a depth of 24 miles; the second quake was measured at 6.0 on the Richter […]

Earthquakes in Hawaii—Unusual or Part of Hawaii's Geology?

The other day I heard a CNN news-reader, during the time when readers don’t read, but speak for themselves, say right after a story of the October 15th big Hawaii earthquake: “My, what a strange place for an earthquake to take place!” So much for earth science education! Actually we know that the Hawaiian Islands […]