More than 90% of Students Learned in Spite of the CRCT Erasure Scandal?

Are you surprised? You probably know that Atlanta Schools are in the middle of a test cheating scandal in which student bubble answer sheets were changed by erasing wrong answers to right answers.  Did the students learn, in spite of some teachers’ and administrators’ behavior.  They did because the the teaching practices that were initiated, […]

Corporate Reform Movement Cause of Atlanta Cheating Scandal

As stated in the Governor’s  Investigative Report a “culture of fear” took over the Atlanta School System, and led to a conspiracy of silence which enabled the bubble sheet erasure scandle to happen. But in the last two posts I have opened the door to examine causes that go beyond the Atlanta School District.  The […]

Grassroots Movement in New York City May Relate to Current Testing Scandal in Atlanta

The Grassroots Education Movement, a group of citizens in New York City, are organizing a campaign against the high stakes use of standardized testing in their schools. Their first meeting will be on July 18th at the CUNY Graduate Center. According the organizers of the Grassroots Education Movement, many citizens feel that their school have […]

Why Were Test Answer Sheets Altered? The Atlanta Case, Report #2

I’ve read the complete report on the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) CRCT testing scandal. It’s hard to believe that there was such widespread activity in which student answers on the state’s CRCT bubble sheets were changed. Why? That is the central question of this post. I’ll say upfront, that I don’t know, and the report […]

Why Do We Teach Science? The Skills Argument

In the last two posts, the economic and democratic arguments have been discussed, respectively.  We now turn to a third argument, the “skills argument.” According to R. Stephen Turner, the “skills argument” is second to the economic argument as the reason we teach science. According to Turner, the skills argument provides the rationale that the study […]