Letter to a Friend in Australia about the Serial Liar

Roger is a long time friend of mine.  We were colleagues at distant universities from 1992 on, and have remained in touch via email.  Roger was a prolific writer in the field of science education, and wrote a ground breaking book, Fallout! about an Australian scientist who spoke out against the British testing of nuclear weapons in Australia.  It was made into a film Silent Storm.

Last night I wrote in response to an email I received from him.  He had sent a photo showing him testing out a boat he had designed, with a llama looking on, and he also mentioned Trump in his note.

Here is my letter to him.

“Looks like a fun outing. How is the boat powered? Was this what you built for your son? It looks like the llama was your lookout (I assume it’s a llama). Many many years ago one of my PhD students & his wife raised llamas on a farm not far from here.

Last night President Obama gave his last speech in front of  a packed audience in his adopted city of Chicago. It was a wonderful speech as his usually are. Our country never deserved him. There will be no one close to him and his family. I consider him one of the best, if not greatest President in my lifetime, perhaps in our history.

And now we have Trump who I call The Authoritarian on my blog. He’s the worst we’ve ever had. But I’m concerned about his penchant for revenge, and his disdain for the press. He lies when he speaks.

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Let the Sunshine In

The new Congress assembled today in DC, and the Republicans already showed their devious hand meeting in secret to dump the Office of Congressional Ethics.  But if you think about it, their meeting could be construed as unethical, and I don’t know how they can assemble as a very large group of elected officials without some form of sunshine.  The don’t want to cast light on their shenanigans. They don’t want to “let the  sunshine in.”

Please note: They didn’t really vote not to dump the Office of Ethics, earlier today.  No, they simply said that they would come back to it at a later time.  Seems like they are afraid of what others say, especially the Authoritarian, who takes office soon.

And over in the Senate, they are laying the ground work to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, meaning that more than 20 million Americans will lose their health care, or not know what to expect from these cowards in DC.

As I have said earlier on this blog, we must act and not let the Republican Congress and the office of the Authoritarian wreak havoc on our country.  Keep in mind and say out loud that the Authoritarian LOST by 3 million votes  no mandate. And watch out for the weasel who heads the House and his cousin in the Senate.  They are not to be trusted.

One way to fight against this troika  is to support some of the many organizations that have done the work to assemble strong oppositions to the Congress and the Authoritarian.

This is a sticker I got from BoldProgressives, a grass-roots organization fighting for our rights.

Now is the Time For All Republican Electors to Read Federalist Paper 68

There now is clear evidence agreed to by the NSA, CIA and the FBI that Russia*, with directives directly from President Putin, waged a cybercrime by interfering with the US Presidential election. The DNC and the RNC were hacked and millions of documents stolen and then given to others, including Wikileaks.  Emails of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were released as retaliation by Putin against Clinton and to promote the candidacy of the Republican nominee.

The Federalist Papers are often used to interpret the constitution and provide judges and scholars insights into the founders thinking.

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Fighting the Good Fight: Georgia and Massachusetts Defeat Charters

For many of us, the 2016 election was a horrific and bitter defeat.  Although he was elected, he will face a powerful opposition from lots of folks.

On the other hand, the election for millions of people was a triumph.  In Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal’s plan to establish a New Orleans style recovery (Opportunity) school district was defeated solidly by a margin of nearly a million votes.  The defeat of the amendment was a blow to charter school venders who were chomping at the bit to set up at least 20 new charter schools per year around the state.

In Massachusetts, an authorization to enable charter schools to be expanded throughout the state went down to defeat.  As in Georgia this was a bitterly fought campaign funded largely by outside charter organizations especially those in New York who also were chomping at the bit to invade my home state.

In each case, Georgia and Massachusetts citizens,  led by state teachers, teacher organizations, and grass root groups fought a fierce battle to prevent further erosion of Public schools. 


However, as you may know there will be a robust attempt to further dismantle public education in the U.S. by the new administration that takes hold of the Federal government in January.

Their plan is to force “choice” on American school districts by mandating that every child be allowed to use the dollars allocated to the local school district to attend any school: public, private, religious, and even home schooling. 

The fight to preserve public education is going to be a war fought between those who value public education, and those want to privatize education, and in so doing make huge profits off the backs of most families in the U.S., including the ones that voted for him.

Now Is the Time to Be Vigilant, Observant and Active

There is a lot of writing, reporting and protests in journals (Truthout, Mother Jones, The Nation), by bloggers, and by brave activists in cities across the country mad as hell about the outcome on Tuesday.

Cathy O’Neil, a mathematician and blogger at Mathbabe, wrote a powerful post entitled “It’s time to smell the Shit.”

She suggested critically important sensory actions that we must take.  She wants us to document every expectation that goes unmet that was promised to people who bought his promises. We need to look out for “people who embraced hate.”  As she said,

they have been empowered and could be truly dangerous, especially when the shit first gets smelled. Nor can we rely on those people who don’t think of themselves as racist but who ignored the hate. They are willing to remain passive in the face of hatred, exactly what we cannot do. People, we need to protect one another, and in particular we need to protect the most vulnerable among us. (Mathbabe, November 10, 2016).

You can read her full post here.