Reform in Science Teaching, What Does Research Tell Us? Look to a New Cadre'

This issue (March, 2007) of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching had two articles that investigated the effects of science education reform in the United States. The first of the two studies, Can professional development make the vision of the standards a reality? The impact of the national science foundation’s local systemic change through […]

Science Teaching Research Around the World: Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education

I recently became acquainted with a relatively “young” journal of research devoted to helping us understand science teaching: The Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (EJSMT). EJSMTE has its headquarters in Turkey. It’s editor, Hüseyin BAG, is professor at Pamukkale Universitesi, TURKEY, and the Associate Editor, Mehmet Fatih TASAR, is professor at Gazi […]

Global Warming: Lessons from the Earth for us

With the release of its report “Climate Change 2007” by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the issue of global warming has surfaced in the press, and in the government, yet again. The report basically says that scientists agree that the Earth’s temperature increase is being caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and that there is […]

New Report Urges Creativity to be a Top Skill for Schools

The National Center on Education and the Economy issued a report this week entitled Tough Choices or Tough Times: The Report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. It calls for the biggest changes in the American educational system in over a century. You can read in PDF form the Executive […]

Paradigms Compared

Education in America has finally reached the 21st Century, chronologically at least, but not pedagogically. Education is still remarkably similar to what education was like in late 19th Century! We still put kids in classrooms of about 30, arrange then into rows and columns, and tell them to study for the test. The paradigm that […]