100 Best Education Blogs

Who are the top education bloggers?  I am not sure it that is the most important question being asked given the current state of education, but it has been asked, and the results are in. Based on the work of Will Roby, a compilation of his favorite blogs to read was recently posted on this […]

Science Teaching eBooks from the Art of Teaching Science Are Coming Soon

Science Teaching eBooks, based on articles and posts in The Art of Teaching Science will be available soon on this blog. From “Is it Pedagogy or Petrology: How To Teach Science Real Good“, to “Why do we teach science, anyway?” these eBooks will explore topics that have rated high on the blog, and have shown reader […]

Science Teaching: A Dilemma in Any Language

Depending upon the language you use the phrase “science teaching,” it conjures up different meanings and attitudes in the minds of our youth. In some cultures, science classes do not rate very high among students, although at the same time, they will assure you that science is important in the lives of its citizens. In […]

The Fallacy of Focusing on Teachers as a Means to Reform Schooling

Some educators and corporate leaders would have us believe that the single most important factor influencing student achievement is the student’s teacher. They have launched a campaign to use student learning data to rid the schools of ineffective teachers.  There is no research evidence to support the claim that the teacher is the single most significant factor influencing […]

Why do we teach science?

There is a new generation of science standards on the way. The Conceptual Framework for New Science Standards has been developed by a committee selected by the National Research Council, with funding from the Carnegie Foundation. The Framework will guide the development of new standards, which will be written by Achieve, a non-profit organization established […]