Children are not Assets to Make Ready for Careers & College

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There was an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that I believe pertains to K-12 education.  The authors (Krislov, M. & Volk, S.S., 2014) reminded us that college is still for creating citizens.

One of their main arguments was that “higher education fails in its mission if it trains graduates only for first post college jobs.”

I believe that middle and high schools fail if they think making students career and college ready is the main goal of education.… Read more

Will the Atlanta Public Schools Make Foolish or Wise Decisions?

I found this poster while reading over on Dustin Stout’s amazing work on creative design and social media. Dustin was reminded of this Bertrand Russell quote by a colleague, and superimposed it on a photo to make this Russell poster.

Russell’s Fools, fanatics and wise men quote resonated with the most recent posts on this bog that have focused on the Atlanta Public Schools (APS).

Bertrand Russell says that “the problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but Wiser Men so full of doubts.”

Education reform in this country is being led by people  who have convinced themselves that they know what is best for the education of American students.  … Read more

Andrew Young Speaks Out at the Trial of Beverly Hall: Good!


Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta, U.N. Ambassador, and civil rights leader, was in attendance at the trial of Dr. Beverly Hall, former superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools.

The purpose of the session was to hear arguments from both sides whether to grant a delay in the trial of Dr. Hall because of her battle with cancer.

The court heard from a hired oncologist for the prosecution, and Dr. Hall’s oncologist. It was very clear from Dr.… Read more

Why Is the Atlanta School Board Accepting Only One Nominee for Superintendent?


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.16.44 PMAtlanta is an important city, not only for those of who live here, but for the state of Georgia, and the nation.

It is home to many  universities, churches, the Martin Luther King Center for Social Change, The Carter Center, the Center for Disease Control, and home to more than 453,000 citizens in the city, and 5.5 million citizens in metropolitan Atlanta.

The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) in in the heart of this complex.  The APS has also been in the center of a high-stakes testing scandal (which is rampant in other districts around the country).  Read more

Ed Johnson: Atlanta Needs to Reconsider Its Choice for New Superintendent


Ed Johnson, an advocate for quality education in Atlanta, provides commentary and data questioning Atlanta’s decision to hire Austin’s current superintendent for Atlanta’s superintendency. According to Mr. Johnson, there is great controversy in the process, as well as the choice for superintendent.

According an email I received from Ed Johnson, on April 7th, members of the clergy and community, including parents and educators, held a press conference to voice concerns about the undemocratic process that the Atlanta Board of Education is using to hire Atlanta Public Schools next superintendent.

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Terrill L. Nickerson: The Paradox of the Common Core

rockies2 Terrill Nickerson commented on the previous post on this blog, 6 Reasons Why the Common Core is Not Progressive Ideology.  I thought his comments were important to share as a separate post.  Terrill Nickerson has written an interesting article on how he approaches the Common Core and high-stakes testing in his context of teaching, which is in communities serving marginalized and underrepresented families.

He writes:

In my twenty-six years teaching in schools with large numbers of marginalized, and underrepresented families, I do not agree with the assertion that high-stakes testing and Common Core State Standards (CCSS) sprang out of progressive ideology.  … Read more

6 Reasons Why the Common Core is NOT Progressive Ideology

imageA growing criticism of the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards is that its a way for progressives to inject their philosophies and ideology onto children and youth in American schools.

One reader of this blog made this comment about my post in which I discuss why Bill Gates defends the common core.

Common Core is Progressive Speak for a Nationalized (Common), Centrally Planned (Core), Agenda (Education), System (Standards). It will become a continuous accelerated march to Socialism and to the destruction of America through indoctrination of our kids.

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