Why the DeKalb County School Board Should Turn Down the Charter Cluster

Guest Post by Dr. Cindy Lutenbacher, Professor at Morehouse College

This post was published last year, and I’m republishing it in light of the Driud Hills Charter Cluster’s second attempt at absconding nearly a half dozen DeKalb schools. Dr. Lutenbacher provides academic and personal experiences and reaches a convincing conclusion.

If the Druid Hills Charter Cluster decides to apply to the State Charter School Commission for charter status, Dr. Lutenbacher’s will serve as evidence why the State should turn them down.… Read more

Druid Hills Charter Cluster Should Be Rejected Again

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The Druid Hills Charter Cluster has raised its nasty head again and is trying to convince the DeKalb County School Board to give a non-elected private group 5000 students, seven school campuses, and hundreds of teachers.

I support Superintendent Michael Thurmond’s decision to oppose the Charter Cluster proposal.

Here is what I wrote a year ago about this idea. Nothing has changed, even though Matt Lewis, the cluster self appointed chai, tells us differently.… Read more

Georgia 8th Grade CRCT Scores, 2008 – 2014: What do they mean?

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Here are a few tables and graphs that tell a story about testing in Georgia since 2008.  Using state data, I assembled a few graphs and charts for your use and interpretation.

Table 1. This a table showing scale scores on the state CRCT test in reading, English language arts, math, science, and social studies.


Chart 1: Scatter Plot of the same data.  Note the trend in each subject.

ImageChart 2. Line Graph showing the trends that obvious in each subject.… Read more

Atlanta Public Schools’ Equity Audit Finds Differences! by Ed Johnson

Latest Story: Guest Letter by Mr. Ed Johnson, Advocate for Education, Atlanta, GA

Creative Commons "I Come In Peace" by JDevaun is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Creative Commons “I Come In Peace” by JDevaun is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Ed Johnson wrote a letter in response to the Atlanta Public Schools Equity Audit which was prepared by researchers at Georgia State University to look at differences in the characteristics across schools in the APS district.  As you will see in Ed Johnson’s letter, he uses a form of thinking that looks at the APS as a whole, and not as separate schools, and applies the work of W.… Read more