Alt-Left? I Don’t Think So!

Alt-Left? I Don’t Think So!

If there is an Alt-Right, then there must be an Alt-Left, at least according to the Authoritarian who came down from his gold-plated apartment in New York, and said so.  He even challenged a reporter who covers the White House to define the term because he has no idea what the terms mean.  Does he know what is the term Alt-Right?  Probably, but if he were to listen to any of the reporters at the most outrageous press briefing, then he would have learned this about the term Alt-Right.  Here are few ideas he would have heard.

  • Alt-Right was a term coined by a white nationalist (Richard Spencer) to describe the white nationalist movement.
  • Alt-Right is a movement based on an ideology of white nationalism and anti-Semitism.
  • The goal of Alt-Right is to destroy the left.
  • Alt-Right is anti-immigrant, anti-feminist and against gay and transgender rights.
  • Alt-Right wants its own homeland within the United States.

At Charlottesville, the Alt-Right, which organized the protest about taking down a Confederate statute, out numbered any of those Americans who were protesting their presence in the city.  One reporter from NPR, who was on the ground amongst the protesters described the “many sides” quite differently than the President.  She said that for every American flag at the protest, there was 100 Nazi flags.  Nearly all of the Alt-right protestors where armed with helmets, clubs, guns, sprays, and many in military style costumes.  Those protesting the Nazi’s and other Alt-Right groups were not shouting Nazi slogans, such as “blood and soil,” and were not an armed camp or group.  Many were clergy, and normally the clergy protest peacefully.  Although some of the protestors had clubs and guns, they were so outnumbered, the NPR reporter made it very clear that there were two distinct groups: one-armed to the teeth, and the other in normal street clothes.

According to political scientists, there is not an equivalent “alt-left” group.  It doesn’t exist.  However, if you were to ask: What would be the opposite of a White Nationalist group?  What are we talking about here.  You mean there is an equivalence of morality between the ideologies of neo-Nazi, White Nationalist, and those who oppose them?

I don’t think so.  The Alt-Right is a fascist collection of people who have faith in autocrats, tyrants, authoritarians, and accept a totalitarian way of life.

But the outrageous idea here is that the President of the United States has publicly defended them, and called those who oppose these fascists Alt-Left as if there is an equivalency.

About Jack Hassard

Jack Hassard is a writer, a former high school teacher, and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University.