The Art of Teaching: Progressive Science Education

If you want to examine science teaching from humanistic, and progressive prospectives, then The Art of Teaching is a blog that might interest you. Not only will you find inquiry-based resources, projects, technology updates, and eBooks relevant to your needs as a science educator, but you will also find much more.

In particular you will find discussions that critique current efforts to privatize and corporatize schooling.

Progressive and democratic values and ideals are central to the perspective promoted here. However, questioning and disagreement are also valued, and so other views are welcomed.

You can participate in this weblog by subscribing to my feeds, commenting on any of the articles or writing guest posts. Use the contact link on the home to send your ideas for a guest post. 

Teachers, professors and education students expect content that is valuable, compelling, and practical. At the Art of Teaching Science website we explore science teaching issues, teaching strategies designed to improve our knowledge and understanding of progressive and humanistic teaching.

The Art of Teaching Science is about:

  • Discussing issues that impact teaching
  • Progressive and humanistic teaching
  • Inquiry
  • Publishing eBooks on important science teaching topics

About the Author

Jack Hassard is a writer, former high school science teacher and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University.

His most recent publications include The Art of Teaching Science, 2nd Edition and Science as Inquiry, 2nd Edition.


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