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Will Georgia Follow Florida and Release Teacher VAM-Like Scores?

  Will Georgia follow Florida by releasing teacher VAM-like scores?  In Florida’s case, the Florida Times-Union released links to all 116,723 teachers’ VAM scores in an extraordinary unethical move that has happened other locations, including New York, and California. The Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) will have two or more sets of data on every […]

A Heads Up for Georgia Teachers: The Problem with VAM Scores

Guest post by John Spencer John Spencer, who I met online after reading his blog, is a middle school computers and journalism teacher, passionate about authentic learning, social justice and critical thinking in a digital world.  Follow him at his blog. Reblogged from John Spencer’s blog on Arizona Stories from School. Arizona is one of […]

In Marietta, GA, Teachers Might Be Scammed by the Use of VAM

Latest Story In 2010, Georgia was one of the winners of the Race to the Top competition.  The prize was half a billion dollars from the Federal government to among other things, adopt the common core standards and base teacher evaluation on student test scores. Some more facts: In 2012 the Georgia Department of Education applied […]

The Mischief of Standardized Teaching & Learning

The conservative world-view is at the root of educational reform, not only in the United States, but in most countries around the world.  This world-view has set in motion the reform of education based on a common set of standards, high-stakes tests, and accountability metrics that demoralize not only students and their families, but the […]

Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence: Poster Child for Influence Peddling

Earlier this month, Governor Bush talked with the editors of Education Next about the legacy of the Florida reforms, his support for the Common Core State Standards, and his vision for education in the United States.  Education Next published the interview on its website here. I responded to the article on their website, but my […]