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The Absurdity of Teacher Evaluation Systems

  There was an article today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that really got my gander up.  The article, written by AJC blogger Maureen Downey, was entitled Grading on a curve.  The article was about teacher evaluation systems.  Downey’s article focused on classroom observation systems, indicating that only 22% of teachers will be evaluated with student […]

Third Strike Against Teacher Evaluation Schemes: Brave New Parents Opt Out

The headline in Thursday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution was “Parents push back on required testing.” Could the movement to Opt Out of high-stakes testing be the third strike against using high stakes testing to rate teachers? In an earlier post, two studies were reviewed that cast doubt on the use of VAM scores  (which are based on student achievement […]

Two Strikes Against Teacher Evaluation Schemes

Two curve balls were thrown at the movement to evaluate teachers using student tests scores and classroom observations.  Both were strikes! Attempts to evaluate teachers have focused on classroom observations of teacher performance, and the contributions (value added) teachers make to student test score gains. Two studies were published recently, casting doubt on the use […]

The Gobbledygook of Florida Teacher Evaluations

  Figure 1. Words used to describe the statistical model used to evaluate a classroom teacher in Florida! Earlier this week, Florida released the VAM scores of its teachers.  Disturbing to say the least.  The Florida Times-Union released links to teacher VAM data for the past two years. There are 116,723 teachers listed in the […]

Georgia Teacher Evaluations: All Trick, No Treat

EmpowerED Georgia published an “infomercial” on teacher evaluations just in time for Halloween, and on the heels of a report from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ). NCTQ is a Washington-based group funded in large part by The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation and Walton Family Foundation. NCTQ is also a purveyor of “junk […]