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Do Some Charter and Title I Schools Use a Pedagogy of Indoctrination

  I might be off my rocker on this post, but I want to get it out there, and ask you if there might be some truth in my claim.  My claim is that the No Child Left Behind Act set in motion a culture of schooling which seeks conformity and an authority to which […]

Charter School Formula for Financial Success but Educational Failure

Latest Story There are some charter schools that are successful. They tend to exist on their own in districts scattered around the country. There are however, hundreds of charter schools that are not successful. They tend to exist in clusters in some of the nation’s largest cities. Rocketship Education is a charter organization that has […]

Re-Blog of Twitter Charter Debate with Michelle Rhee & Julian Vasquez Heilig

This “twitter debate” from Julian Vasquez Heilig’s blog appeared in my inbox today. I am working on a post on charters and public schools based on an EPI study of the Rocketship Education charters in Milwaukee. This twitter debate is a perfect introduction to that forthcoming article. Julian Vasquez Heilig is now an Associate Professor […]

Why Achievement Test Scores are Poor Indicators of Student Learning and Teacher Effectiveness

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has established a single variable as the way to reward and punish schools, teachers, students and their parents.  The fact that I have used the terms “rewards” and punishments” is evidence enough that the ED is stuck in 19th century psychology. In 2001, the Congress approved the No Child […]

Why No Mention of the Effect of Poverty on Georgia’s College and Career Ready Performance Index?

Georgia released a lot of data about every school in the state which is summarized by a score attained through the College and Career Ready Performance Index. When the results were released this week by John Barge, State Superintendent of Education, the focus was on the new calculation system used to generate a score for […]

Georgia’s College & Career Ready Performance Index is Not Scientific But is a Media Darling

Latest Story The Georgia Department of Education would have you believe that the College & Career Ready Performance Index is based on scientific research, and is a valid and reliable “index” of school performance. Each year during the spring, about 1.6 million Georgia students need to be in school so that they can spend hours […]

Inconsequential and Consequential Differences in the Georgia Score Card Data

Latest Story The Georgia Department of Education (GDOE) released two year’s worth of data based on CRCT tests.  The CRCT data is used to grade each school in Georgia, on a 100 point scale.  The score is determined by four numbers weighted as follows Achievement on CRCT–60 points Progress on CRCT–25 points Achievement Gap Size & […]

Should Parents REFUSE to Allow Their Children to be Given the Georgia CRCT Test?

  It seems as if one Georgia couple says yes. In Marietta, a Georgia a couple has refused to allow their children at the West Side Elementary school to take the high-stakes Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT). These parents informed the school’s principal two days before the testing period that their third and fifth graders would […]

How is High-Stakes Testing Related to Child Labor in the U.S.?

  Reblogged from Stop the CRCT Madness by Stephanie Jones.  Dr. Jones’ research engages the intersections of social class, gender, and race with language, literacies, and educational equity with a particular interest in social class and poverty.  You can follow her on her blog Engaged Intellectuals. Context for Dr. Jones’ Article on Child Labor I […]

Why High-Stakes Tests Should Not Be Used to Measure Student or School Performance

Latest Story In my earlier post, I urged Atlanta’s new superintendent to explain to the Atlanta community why using high-stakes achievement measures, such as increasing achievement scores while raising the bar, should not be used to measure school performance. Yet, for the next month, nearly 40 million students will take high-stakes achievement tests which will […]

Atlanta’s New Superintendent Should Not Agree to Be Responsible for Narrowing the Achievement Gap

Latest Story The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has hired Dr. Meria Carstarphen to be its superintendent for the next three years.  She was hired after a one year search led by 13-member search committee.  She is now superintendent of the Austin Independent School District (TX).  Dr. Carstarphen was the only person put forward to be […]

Children are not Assets to Make Ready for Careers & College

Latest Story There was an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that I believe pertains to K-12 education.  The authors (Krislov, M. & Volk, S.S., 2014) reminded us that college is still for creating citizens. One of their main arguments was that “higher education fails in its mission if it trains graduates only for […]

Will the Atlanta Public Schools Make Foolish or Wise Decisions?

I found this poster while reading over on Dustin Stout’s amazing work on creative design and social media. Dustin was reminded of this Bertrand Russell quote by a colleague, and superimposed it on a photo to make this Russell poster. Russell’s Fools, fanatics and wise men quote resonated with the most recent posts on this […]

Andrew Young Speaks Out at the Trial of Beverly Hall: Good!

  Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta, U.N. Ambassador, and civil rights leader, was in attendance at the trial of Dr. Beverly Hall, former superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools. The purpose of the session was to hear arguments from both sides whether to grant a delay in the trial of Dr. Hall because of […]

Why Is the Atlanta School Board Accepting Only One Nominee for Superintendent?

  Atlanta is an important city, not only for those of who live here, but for the state of Georgia, and the nation. It is home to many  universities, churches, the Martin Luther King Center for Social Change, The Carter Center, the Center for Disease Control, and home to more than 453,000 citizens in the […]

Ed Johnson: Atlanta Needs to Reconsider Its Choice for New Superintendent

  Ed Johnson, an advocate for quality education in Atlanta, provides commentary and data questioning Atlanta’s decision to hire Austin’s current superintendent for Atlanta’s superintendency. According to Mr. Johnson, there is great controversy in the process, as well as the choice for superintendent. According an email I received from Ed Johnson, on April 7th, members […]