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Terrill L. Nickerson: The Paradox of the Common Core

 Terrill Nickerson commented on the previous post on this blog, 6 Reasons Why the Common Core is Not Progressive Ideology.  I thought his comments were important to share as a separate post.  Terrill Nickerson has written an interesting article on how he approaches the Common Core and high-stakes testing in his context of teaching, which […]

6 Reasons Why the Common Core is NOT Progressive Ideology

A growing criticism of the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards is that its a way for progressives to inject their philosophies and ideology onto children and youth in American schools. One reader of this blog made this comment about my post in which I discuss why Bill Gates defends the common core. Common Core […]

Here is How Private Funding is Affecting Scientific Research and K-12 Education

Latest Story An article in the New York Times by William J. Broad got my attention and in this article, I want to use Broad’s research to show how education is being harmed by private funding. The article by William J. Broad is entitled Billionaires with big ideas are privatizing American science.  It is a […]

NAEP Math Scores Insignificantly Affected by the Common Standards

The Common Core State Standards (Common Standards) have been implemented for about four years. According to the developers (the folks over at Achieve) and it’s billionaire financiers, such as Bill Gates, the Common Standards are benchmarked against high performing international standards, and should result in higher achievement scores for American students. According to Achieve, the […]

The Common Core: A Dream Come True for the Publishing & Media Industries

> Imagine what it would be like if every school district in the U.S. used the same core (standards) curriculum, and that every few years, new textbooks and media products needed to purchased. If the Common Standards are fully adopted across the nation, then it will be a booming business for media and publishing companies. […]