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The Gobbledygook of Florida Teacher Evaluations

  Figure 1. Words used to describe the statistical model used to evaluate a classroom teacher in Florida! Earlier this week, Florida released the VAM scores of its teachers.  Disturbing to say the least.  The Florida Times-Union released links to teacher VAM data for the past two years. There are 116,723 teachers listed in the […]

Science Ideas Have a History: The Case for Interdisciplinary Thinking

Latest Story Figure 1. How was this tool used to “discover” the background radiation made by the Big Bang? In a piece published on the Chronicle of Higher Education, Alejandra Dubcovsky, professor of history at Yale University, says  “to understand science, study history.” Indeed, science teachers have used some stories surrounding the history of science […]

Changing Public Education from the Ground UP: The Network for Public Education

Latest Story The first conference of The Network for Public Education (NPE) will be held this weekend at the University of Texas.  NPE, formed by Diane Ravitch,  is an advocacy group whose goal is to protect, preserve, and strengthen public education. The March 1 – 2 conference will include keynote addresses, panels and workshops. The […]

Why Are Scientists Abandoning Their Research?

Copyright All rights reserved by Dartmouth Flickr Why are scientist abandoning their research, and if they are what does this say about the looming STEM crisis that the nation faces, at least according to the Obama Administration? In Chronicle of Higher Education survey of American university research scientists, authors Paul Basken and Paul Voosen report […]

Jack Hills Zircon: Evidence of a Very Old Earth

Latest Story In a report published in Nature Geoscience, a scientific team studying rocks in Australia, used Australian zircons in the Jack Hills that are embedded in the rocks to decide the age and history of these rocks. They found evidence that the Earth’s crust first formed at least 4.4 billion years ago.  They analyzed […]