Science as Inquiry Update

The revision to Science As Inquiry has been completed and it should be published and available at the end of June 2011. To get a feel for what is in the book, you are invited to visit the Science as Inquiry Website. Here is a screen shot of part of the first page of the site which shows the various topics that are presented in the book and in the site.


Home page of the Science as Inquiry Website

Science as Inquiry is based on the idea that learning is deepened if viewed as a communal experience, and that students are involved in making decisions about not only how they learn, but what they learn. Center stage in Science As Inquiry is cooperative (collaborative) learning, and how cooperative learning can be used to heighten and motivate students in learning science. Whether we are engaging students in hands-on activities, designing and carrying out projects, investigating and debating important science-related social issues, or participating in Internet-based learning experiences, cooperative learning is a crucial cognitive tool to improve our student’s learning. From the preface of Science as Inquiry