Ecology Projects

I recently received an announcement of an ecology program from John Kamman whose organization sponsors field science and cultural exchange projects.  The organization is Ecology Project International and has projects and programs in Montana, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Galapagos.  Their website describes many opportunities for students and teachers in the field of ecology and environmental education.  The email couldn’t have been more relevant given the Gulf Oil Spill disaster is wrecking havoc on the ecosystems and people in the entire Gulf region.

The Ecology Project International reminds of the work that we did with the Global Thinking Project which brought together teachers and students from several countries, and supported environmental science and cultural exchanges, and teacher education programs.

I recommend that you take a look at the Ecology Project International website, and see if there are some opportunities for you and your students.

From England

I’ve been in England for the past two weeks, and will be writing a few posts about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill reporting on the views of this catastrophe from the U.K.