Dr. Joe Abruscato: He Delighted in Teaching Because He Knew It Was Beautiful

I want to tell you about one of my closest friends—Dr. Joe Abruscato—and how he influenced me in my journey through life.

Joe and I met in graduate school at The Ohio State University (OSU) in 1967. We were part of a group of high school science teachers who had come from various school districts around the United States to study science & science education under the auspices of a National Science Foundation Academic Year Program directed by Dr John Richardson, professor & head of the Department of Science & Mathematics Education.… Read more

Top Ten Weblog Posts in 2009 from The Art of Teaching Science: A Dedication to My Friend Dr. Joe Abruscato

This first weblog post for the year 2010 is dedicated to my science education colleague, writing partner, and dear friend, Dr. Joseph Abruscato. I’ll write about Joe in my next post, but I want to honor him here by identifying topics that motivated me this past year, and that I know would have been central to his beliefs about science teaching.

There were many interesting topics and stories in 2009. I wrote 101 posts on topics and subjects including evolution, Charles Darwin, humanistic science education, progressive science teaching, experiential science teaching, “paradigm shifts & science teaching,” Junk Science, global warming and climate change, student achievement and teacher effectiveness, informal learning, global thinking and Gaia Theory, a letter to the President and other stuff.… Read more