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Would it be shameful not to reform health care?

It would be shameful if we do nothing to fix the health care system in the USA, so says Dr. Joseph W. Stubbs who is president of the American College of Physicians and an internist in Albany.  You can read his editorial which was published in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution yesterday.  He argues from his position […]

Using Case Studies to Help Students Investigate Health Care Issues

There were two articles that I read today that contribute to how science teachers might use case studies (sometimes based on articles in the press or magazines, or actual cases written for students and teachers). The cases and/or artices could to create a context relevant to student dialogue, discussion & inquiry. The first article was […]

Health Care in the US: An S-T-S Issue for the Science Classroom?

Health care has emerged as one of the most contentious issues of the day in the USA. The contention is not new. This PBS time line covering the past 100 years identifies points of contention and progress in the government’s attempt to deal with health care on a national level. A more informative time line […]

Images from NASA for Science Teaching

I received note from Jake Johnson, outreach coordinator, the Internet Archive Outreach, NASA images asking to mention a resource for teaching at the NASA Images website. I think you will find this site a powerful aid for teaching. Here are some examples: