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Hurricane Gustav

Yesterday, my wife and I attended the annual art in the park festival (Marietta Square)in which more than a 100 artists presented their work.  It was crowded with people of all ages strolling through the park and bordering streets, looking at the art, and occassionally buying a piece.  One of the artists that we were […]

Should High-Stakes (Science) Tests Be Eliminated?

There is very little criticism in the science education literature about the science standards, and the use of high-stakes tests.  An issue I raise here is should the use of high-stakes tests not only in science, but other content areas be continued? I am being motivated to discuss this issue, as I did the decentralization […]

Decentralizing Education: Views from the Field

This week and next, the two major political parties are meeting in Denver and Minneapolis, respectively, to not only nominate their Presidental and VP candidate, but to agree upon a political platform outlining beliefs and actions they will take during the next segment of time.  At the American Presidency Project, you can read the platforms […]

Time to Teach Evolution?

I’ve written several posts over the past several years about the teaching of and opposition to teaching evolution.  Right now, there is evidence that the resistance to teach evolution is fading, although, if history is helpful, this lack of resistance will not last very long. In the article cited below there is a very interesting […]

Beijing Air

Earlier this year, there were concerns that air pollution in Beijing would be a serious threat to athletes participating in outdoor events, especially running, and cycling. In fact I wrote several posts in the Spring that highlighted this issue that you read, and find out what were the concerns. China’s Olympic committee indicated that a […]