Archives for May 2007

The Art of Junk Science

I read an article in the local paper that a U.S. Senator had evoked the phrase “junk science” when explaining why Rachel Carson’s work should not be considered for an award in the U.S. Senate. He was speaking specifically about her work entitled Silent Spring, which used scientific findings to raise questions about the widespread […]

Project Green Classroom

This has been a year so far where the concept of “green” is moving into the mainstream, and is no longer relegated to “environmental activists.” However, we need to remind ourselves that it was the activists and the “gentle subversive” (Rachel Carson) who worked for years bringing environmental issues to the forefront. Highlighted in this […]

Air Quality Awareness

This week is the EPA’s Air Quality Awareness Week. And it was a good choice of weeks to select as the ground-level ozone season has begun in Atlanta, and other cities, I am sure. I live in the Atlanta area, and yesterday and today, the pollution was very evident. Smoggy and getting warmer. The quality […]

Gliese 581c Inhabitants Visit Earth: Mission to the Blue Planet

As this week’s Newsweek article said, if you are Looking for Life? Try Gliese 581c. It turns out that astronomer at the European Southern Observatory in Chile indirectly inferred the existence of an earth-like planet orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 581. Slight movements (perturbations) of the star led to the discovery of Gliese 581c […]