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Teachers of Green, Part Two

Yesterday’s blog featured California, Al Gore, and scientific researchers as teachers of green. Today, I want to expand this and include one of the earliest of environmentalists, Stuart Brand. Brand authored a popular and influential book entitled The Whole Earth Catalog. A Thirtiest Anniversary Edition of the Whole Earth Catalog was published recently. Brand was […]

Teachers of Green

There was a very interesting article by PAUL KRUGMAN entitled Colorless Green Ideas in the New York Times. In it he debunked the claim that that curbing greenhouse gases would detrimental to our way of life and our economy. There are a lot of people who think that it would seriously change the way we […]

International Polar Year 2007 – 2009

The International Polar Year (actually it’s two years) is a large scale research effort that will focus on the artic and antarctic beginning in March 2007 and running through March 2009 (two annual cycles of research). The research will focus on seven areas: Atmosphere, Ice, Land, Oceans, People, and Space, as well as Education and […]

Global Warming: Lessons from the Earth for us

With the release of its report “Climate Change 2007” by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the issue of global warming has surfaced in the press, and in the government, yet again. The report basically says that scientists agree that the Earth’s temperature increase is being caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and that there is […]

California's Stem Cell Research Program—The Rest of the Story

In yesterday’s post I wrote that the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) announced the awarding of $45 million to medical researchers in many of California’s research centers, universities and institutes. However, the money for the grants was “borrowed money.” About $80 million in grants are expected to be announced next month. The CIRM was […]