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Optional—Your SAT Test Score

Suppose colleges and universities stopped using the SAT as part of their admission process into undergraduate school? Decades ago, Bates College and Bowdoin College eliminated the use of the test in the admission process, and now, nearly one-fourth of the top undergraduate schools in the USA no longer use the test. Why? Is the test […]

Was New Hampshire Once Part of Africa? Roadside/Roadcut Geology

The title is very tantalizing, isn’t it? I grew up just a few miles from New Hampshire, and studied earth science in undergraduate school. I can tell you that in our courses taught by very fine professors of geology, I never heard anyone make that claim. It would take many years after my undergraduate studies […]

Activity on this Blog—Past Two Months

Although I started this science teaching blog more than a year ago, it wasn’t until June 16, 2006 that I installed a page counter (site statistics) to give me an idea how many people were hitting the site, and what pages were hit more frequently than others. First, I was surprised that the site received […]

Pluto is a Dwarf Planet

Astronomers at IAU Congress in Prague reached agreement that the planets and planet like-bodies in the Solar System (and in other solar systems) will be categorized into three groups, meaning that Earth is still a planet, but Pluto is now a “Dwarf planet.” Here is what they decided. 1. The classic eight planets of the […]

Planet Redefinition Fails!

In the first open discussion of the redefinition of the meaning of planet (held today in Prague), the proposal set forth by the Executive Committee of IAU was voted down by planetary scientists by a vote of 60 to 40! According to a report that I read, “most of the speakers during the discussion favored […]