Archives for October 22, 2005

Weekend Reading on the Evolution/Creationism/Intelligent Design Issue!

This blog has devoted considerable space to the cultural war that is raging primarily in school districts across the country. The issue is whether creation science, presently disquised as “intelligent design” should be taught along side evolution. Intelligent design folks think that some parts of the world (like the human eye) are too complicated for evolution to have “created” them, and therefore must be the result of some intelligent design “theorist?” The intelligent design people even have their own think tank called The Discovery Institute, located in Seattle.… Read more

Evolution is a Theory, Not a Fact?…Dover, PA

Even People Magazine is reporting on the controversy taking place in the Dover, PA school district where 11 Dover parents have sued the district to have the reading of this statement stopped: “Darwin’s theory of evolution is a theory….not a fact…keep an open mind.” I came across Alonzo Fyfe’s blog entry on science vs religion, and found it interesting inlight of the Dover, PA case. Intelligent design vs evolution is on trial; after reading Fyfe’s piece, one sees that there is not a clear distinction about the effect of science on religion or religion on science.… Read more