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Kansas Science Standards Under Scrutiny

The Kansas Board of Education is publishing its new Science Standards, but two leading science organizations, The National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Teachers Association have denied the Board use of any of its copyrighted materials in its Standards. Using the same arguments as are being used in the Dover, PA court case, […]

The Natural Selector and The Intelligent Designer: A Continuing Debate

A great dialog is going on right now in the midst of the Dover, PA school district’s defense of insisting that teachers read a statement in biology classes that upgrades Intelligent Design to the level of Darwin’s and Wallace’s concept of natural selection and the theory of evolution. The trial also demonstrated the legal power […]

Weekend Reading on the Evolution/Creationism/Intelligent Design Issue!

This blog has devoted considerable space to the cultural war that is raging primarily in school districts across the country. The issue is whether creation science, presently disquised as “intelligent design” should be taught along side evolution. Intelligent design folks think that some parts of the world (like the human eye) are too complicated for […]

Evolution is a Theory, Not a Fact?…Dover, PA

Even People Magazine is reporting on the controversy taking place in the Dover, PA school district where 11 Dover parents have sued the district to have the reading of this statement stopped: “Darwin’s theory of evolution is a theory….not a fact…keep an open mind.” I came across Alonzo Fyfe’s blog entry on science vs religion, […]

Computer Backlash? How about a classroom revolution!

Four nearly 20 years, my colleagues and I were involved in using technology to enhance teaching and learning not only at the university level, but at the K-12 level as well. We wanted to use computers to enhance active learning in the classroom, and to find ways to help students engage in collaborative scientific research […]

The Law of Evolution

I just purchased a new book by James Watson, Nobel Prize Laureate and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. Its title is Darwin, The Indelible Stamp: The Evolution of an Idea. Watson includes in this one volume, four of the most important books by Charles Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle, On the Origin of […]

Teaching Globally: Teaching in Another Culture

Charles Hutchison’s new book, Teaching in America leads me to think about the experiences we’ve had in exchange programs for students and teachers. In the 1990s, many of us were involved with a number of countries, including the USSR (Russia and the other Independent States that emerged from the Soviet State), Spain, Czech Republic, Australia […]

Teaching in America: A Cross-Cultural Guide for International Teachers

Dr. Charles Hutchison, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, has published a new book entitled Teaching in America, A Cross-Cultural Guide for International Teachers and Their Employers (Springer Publishers, The Netherlands, 2005). Dr. Hutchison’s book grew out of his doctoral research study as well as his 9 years of teaching in American schools as an […]